Criminal Law

If you been arrested or charged with a misdemeanor or a serious felony, time is of the essence. Your freedom and reputation are at stake. At MLF Legal, we understand that it is extremely stressful to be accused of a criminal act and be looking at possible prison time, jail or a conviction on your record

You need a law firm that will thoroughly review the facts of your case and hold the government to their legal burden. We will aggressively defend your legal rights and keep you informed as to your options during the procedures.

Here is just a sample of matters we have defended our clients against.


Driving While Intoxicated

Public Intoxication


Possession of an Illegal Substance

Intent to Distribute


Domestic Violence

Identity Theft

Probation Revocation

Organized Crime




Jail Inmate Look Up System

Dallas County Jail Lookup 

Tarrant County Jail Lookup

Collin County Jail Lookup

Denton County Jail Lookup

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